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Having been a professional rider for the last 8 years, I have seen the scooter world become what it is today. I have witnessed various companies start up, succeed and even dwindle away.

I have seen hundreds, if not thousands of new generation scooter riders, who I once was, come into the sport we call scootering. When I was a grommet, it was near impossible to get scooter parts in AUS, and even harder to find parts locally.

Having the freedom to ride any and all scooter parts I can get my hands on, I have gained a lot of knowledge to pass on and bring the younger generation access to the scooter parts they want and dish out advice to the newcomers of our sport.

This is where TDG Scooters comes in, the riders store! We are here to cater to all riders of any ability and age, from the seasoned Pro through to toddlers finding their feet on a three wheeler. We want to be a store that doesn't just do what they want but a store that listens to what the riders want. Utilising all the experience gained from being involved in the sport I hope to see us grow from an online store to a physical storefront in no time!

Lastly thank you in advance for supporting my dream, it is greatly appreciated and doesn't go unnoticed.