Addict Blacksmith Deck

Addict is Back! Introducing the new Blacksmith Deck, tested for over 2 years by the best street riders in the world, old and new. The decks have grown in width and length making them grind machines. A forged head tube provides strength but still feels like the original Addict deck. A new metal badge accents the front of the head tube. Created from certified, 6068-T6 aluminum alloy with slide-in spacers and a hybrid (metal/plastic) brake, ensures noiseless and vibration free operation. All the new Addict decks are designed to accept the new Eagle Supply Radix wheels. Decks are available in four signature styles and sizes.

Addict Blacksmith Deck - Tobias Mayer

Tobias' signature model is the first to feature boxed ends at the rear to make 5.0 grinds possible without pegs. You've got room to move with this 23.4" long deck. A mysterious looking graphic covers the underside.

Refer to Specifications tab for product measurements.

Addict Tobias Mayer Blacksmith Deck

Weight 4.03lb 1.83kg
Width 4.85" 123mm
Width Underneath 3.7" 94mm
Length 23.4" 595mm
Foot Space 16.2" 412mm
5.0 Space 24mm
Crook Space 65mm
Headtube Angle 83.5°
Headtube Height 4.3" 109mm
Headtube Manufacturing Process Forged
Wheel Compatibility 120mm Radix


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