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Due to the extreme nature of the sport we may need to assess your product to determine whether a repair, replacement or refund is appropriate. Products may need to be sent to the manufacturer or their repair agent for assessment.

For some product assessments you may have the option to liaise directly with the manufacturer/distributor. Our team members can provide you with the relevant manufacturer contact details. The manufacturer/distributor will determine if the fault will be repaired or replaced and returned to you within a reasonable time.

Our aim is customer satisfaction with all items and services provided with TDG Scooters and understand that at times you, the customer may not be able to liaise directly with the distributor/manufacturer and we will assist you as best we can in these situations.

As with all extreme sports, scooter equipment will suffer damage as a direct result of participating in the sport. No warranty is guaranteed and the final claim is at the discretion of the manufacturer/distributor of the specific product.

Warranty will be void on any items that have damage NOT relating to a manufacturing issue, excessive wear and tear, modified items, misuse or learners riding technique.

For any warranty based enquiries or further clarification please feel free to contact us via -